American jat won wrestling competition in katlupur village.

Abhineyt Singh son of Dr gulab and Dr Kamla singh resident of San Diego California USA since 1992, was visiting his native village Katlupur on Holi. His grandfather exserviceman Mr Hoshiar Singh took him to a wrestling competition customarily held on Holi between several villages. The winner of the competition challenged ‘Agar kisi ne ma ka doodh piya hai to mujhe hara ke dikha de’. Abhineyt,being a real jat could not resist this challenge.Inspite of several elderly people’s advice that don’t even try it,the competitor is a state champion, abhineyt took the challenge. After very tough competition,he finally made a victory.The whole Katlupur village was very proud of him specially 85 year old grandfather who also lives in USA.When asked about his experience, Abhineyt said,’I never expected it to be that tough, the boy was huge, overweight and tough and worst of all was the competition in the sand but since it was a question of big challenge which kept me going and finally I made it’.

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